What's a conditional access policy?


Conditional access policies help organizations improve security and compliance. They are used to fine-tune and customize the authentication of your users in Microsoft 365. Let me explain. 

In the simplest terms, it’s a series of if statements. For example, you can create a conditional access policy to require all members of a particular group to use Multi-Factor Authentication to log in to Microsoft 365. “If the user is part of group X then require MFA”.

You can set a lot of different options in conditional access policies. For example, you can create a policy so a certain set of users can only log in from specific IP addresses. “If the user is part of group X and not logging in from IP address then block access”

Read more at https://www.gitbit.org/course/ms-500/learn/Whats-a-conditional-access-policy-V1en9Iugh 

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Hi, @John Gruber, Conditional Access policy helps to resolve a lot of problems. It allows administrators to take a control of what applications users can access and which are restricted for them.


You can control users, groups, cloud apps, client app, device platform, location, sign-in risk, multi-factor authentication, device to be marked as compliant, domain joined, approved apps.


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