What is the Powershell command to configure a new Retention Policy in the Information Governance?


Hi there,


I am Looking for the PowerShell command to configure a new Retention Policy in the Information Governance.

I am not Looking for the PowerShell Command to apply Retention Tags, which is


I would like to exclude an IPM Message Class for Voice Mail, which is not possible through the UI.





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To work with Retention policies in the SCC, use the New-RetentionCompliancePolicy cmdlet. That said, if you use the SCC policies, actions like excluding specific message classes are not possible, the policy will apply to all messages.

Thanks @Vasil Michev ,


but in the New-RetentionCompliancePolicy I have no option to define the Settings of the Policy, e.g. how many years I want the Retention to be in place.


It seems to me that this is defined in theNew-RetentionComplianceRule.


So what is defined in a new SCC Retention Policy UI seems to be a mix of New-RetentionCompliancePolicy and New-RetentionComplianceRule?

Am I correct here?


The New-RetentionComplianceRule would give me the Option of excluding IPM classes.




Yes, the two cmdlets go hand in hand, but technically the policy one is the "parent". I forgot about the ExcludedItemClasses parameter :)