What is the difference between these 2 Office 365 plans page ?

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The upper image are business subs. Business are companies that Microsoft consideres small to medium. I believe you cannot have more than 300 users per subscription.

The lower image are the enterprise subs. You need at least 5 afaik but there is no upper limit.


Business subs are cheaper. You can compare Business with E1, or Business Premium with E3. They have about the same feature set but the business ones are cheaper. If you're under 250 users, that's probably the best choice unless you specifically want something like Yammer in your org. If you're between 250 and 300, you should calculate your growth and maybe just go for E3.

is there source for them too? like links to documents or web pages that Microsoft specifies them, I need to show them to someone else.

also in here:
it says E5, E3 and then F1 !
so there is F1 and then there is E1.

I think Microsoft needs to change it so people can view them all in one page and compare them together in charts.

by the way, do any of them also come with Windows 10 licenses (pro/Enterprise)?
I don't have a source handy. You need to look for that yourself. F1 is for frontline workers. It's a much more reduced package than E1. Also, you're looking at the page of the Microsoft 365 subs, they are different than Office 365 subs.

M365 comes with Enterprise. But Enterprise is always only an upgrade. You still need the OEM version installed on your device.

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In Office 365 you have many options based on your needs, you have multiple plans to fit the organization size, features and options.


To view detailed features within each plan you can read more here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/office-365-service-descriptions-techn...


If you want to know in a visual way you can view here https://www.jumpto365.com/


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Thanks, that page from Microsoft is very helpful,

I also found this that has the chart I was looking for.

business next to enterprise plans + F1 and ProPlus. 8 plans in total.
so far, this website has the most complete chart that covers all available plans.


@Daniel Niccoli 

The package with the Windowa 10 is the M365 Business