What happens when an O365 user surpasses 2000 API calls per day?

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When an O365 user surpasses 2000 API calls per day, what happens...?

 - further API calls are ignored?

 - further API calls are charged ($) ?

 - user and/or tenant administrator is notified?



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Outlook REST APIs accessed via https://outlook.office.com/api or https://outlook.office365.com/api), and on the Outlook-related endpoints of the Microsoft Graph (accessed via https://graph.microsoft.com). We wanted to give developers some advanced warning to make sure you were prepared!

What's the limit?

The limit is 10000 requests per 10-minute period, per user (or group), per app ID. This means that your app can make at most 10000 requests to a single user's mailbox in a 10-minute period. If your app is requesting data from multiple users simultaneously, requests to one user do not impact the limit for another user.

What APIs are subject to this limit?

Outlook APIs

All APIs accessed via https://outlook.office.com/api or https://outlook.office365.com/api, including:

@imihaljko I am actually referring to the document below where it shows 2000 API calls for Power Platform requests from Office 365 user.