What are the file types that can be scanned by office 365 dlp?

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What are the file types that can be scanned by office 365 dlp?

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Yes, as per the document

'A DLP policy can find and protect sensitive information across Office 365, whether that information is located in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, or OneDrive for Business'

It would look for any instance of the sensitive information type across any of these services, for example whether they were sent across email (as per the article I sent where DLP works with Mail Rules) or stored in a file on SharePoint/OneDrive (in the article you pointed to here).

Hope that clarifies!

Best, Chris

HI @Christopher Hoard , can dlp scan .csv files? cant see in list.

I don't see it in that list either. In terms of excel I only see the traditional .xlsx


I would personally test a DLP policy and try it. But let's also ask the question of Microsoft


@Ryan Heffernanyou have always been great in providing answers to security. With regards Office 365 DLP does this include the scanning of .CSV files? We know that it scans .XLSX files but CSV's don't appear to be included in the official documentation. 


Could you or someone from the Team confirm for us?


Thanks again for your help!


Best, Chris

No confirmation regarding .csv files?  I was doing some testing and it seems that .csv files are not checked for policy violations.