Web UI constantly asking for re-authentication


Not sure if any one else has run across, but when using the web ui I noticed that every coulple of hours it seems to want to re-authenticate.


Wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and how did you solve it.

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Which page exactly? Depending on the service, there are different timeout values, some of them are detailed here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/session-timeouts-for-office-365-37a5c116-5b07-4f70-8333-5b8...

Outlook Web UI more than the others.  I see the max I can extend is to 8 hours from 6.  I have users complaining that it keeps asking them to login.  


If they close the browser all bets are off.

From time to time I have seen too this behavior.

Usually, deleting cookies and starting over solves the issue.