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OneDrive sync might be the preferable option for Microsoft, but the headaches of syncing errors in collaborative document libraries is not worth it IMO.


On the other hand, View in File Explorer works perfectly, as any sync issues (loss of connection etc) are spelled out right there to the user, not like OneDrive does with its tiny red flag at the task bar that people see weeks later.


View in File Explorer is also great because you don't even have to sync libraries. If you know the path, you just type it in File Explorer address bar.


View in File Explorer is also great because you can navigate to all the other folders in the site, including the preservation hold. That is gold, as the preservation hold in SharePoint is still in classic sharepoint mode, with files displayed in page view. 


View in File Explorer is also great because you can use it to show your OneDrive. That is not in the manual (because MS is still pushing OneDrive?). So if you read this far, this is how you get OneDrive to View in File Explorer:


Add the onedrive domain to the Edge policy, next to the suggested SharePoint domain. Here is the reg to try it out. Replace XXXXX with your domain and find out which of the two edge policy locations work (use both, as is, no harm). If it works, push it to GP or intune :)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



"1"="{ \"cookies\": [ \"rtFa\", \"FedAuth\" ], \"domain\": \"\" }"



"1"="{ \"cookies\": [ \"rtFa\", \"FedAuth\" ], \"domain\": \"\" }"


"2"="{ \"cookies\": [ \"rtFa\", \"FedAuth\" ], \"domain\": \"\" }"



"2"="{ \"cookies\": [ \"rtFa\", \"FedAuth\" ], \"domain\": \"\" }"



(space in the above matters, so does the proper """. Copy paste should do). 


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@TonyWilson Thanks so much for posting this. How to include OneDrive while also limiting to our domain was making me crazy. This is the answer.

Hi, we also work with "View in File Explorer with Edge" and i have made a Configuration profile with the "Administrative template" . I used [{"domain": "", "cookies": [ "rtFa", "FedAuth" ]}] with our domain, this is working great. We can view all our sharepoint documents in file explorer. But how can I also add so we can open OneDrive also. People also want to open there Onedrive in file explorer.

Hi Michel, the policy value should look like this:


{ "cookies": [ "rtFa", "FedAuth" ], "domain": "" } ,{ "cookies": [ "rtFa", "FedAuth" ], "domain": "" }


@TonyWilson I would like to know how to Modify Group Policy value for the Edge policy to enable the feature for SP 2019 Onpremise site?

The easiest way is to push it as registry entries, using the entry from the OP.

A more future proof way is Intune or using deployment templates for Edge. This link has more details:
Yeah I have seen that blog earlier and want to know how would I modify this gpo value : "[{"cookies": ["rtFa", "FedAuth"], "domain": ""}]" so that I can enable open with explorer in edge for SharePoint 2019's onprem site as well? The above gpo value enable's owe on spo and does not help on onprem sps . So would request something duel which could work for spo and sps
Those values are for the browser to handle the link from SPO.

Then there is powershell cmdlet to activate the view link in SPO

This is not for SPS, only for M365 SPO. For SPS you must find another approach