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So I'm flicking through my account settings in Outlook 365, when the 'Verify Your Identity box randomly pops up

My alternate email is my wifes, who's at work, so I can't get a verification code

I tried to change my alternate email and got a message saying I can't access my account for one month until my email change has been processed

I've cancelled the change and will have to verify my identity when I see the Mrs tonight, but there surely must be a way to tell Microsoft not to bother me about my identity when I'm logged in and using my own PC? This isn't the first time it's happened

Any suggestions?

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As per your description seems that the One Time Code is going to the alternate email.... use Microsoft Authenticator.. to avoid such instances....


Secondly Outlook should not prompt you to verify your Identity quite often.... I would suggest to check if you have selected remember password Option while entering your password in Outlook...


If that does not fix the issue use SARA ( Support and Recovery Assistant) to fix the issue...


You may download it from the below link -




Robin Nishad

@Robin Nishad 


Thanks for the links. I'll take a look

I have ,remember password, selected, but it seems to have a problem with me poking around in the settings. Each time it's happened, I've been scrolling through the settings pages for a bit before it's kicked in


The wife just sent me the code by text and I'm back in. I also noticed there's a 'don't ask again on this device' option. I'm sure I would have spotted and ticked that before now, but I definately have this time, so maybe that will stop it doing it again


Thanks for your help

Some settings are extra "sensitive" and you can only access them after performing an MFA challenge. A workaround to this is when you have your device joined to Azure AD - using an O365 account on such device automatically satisfies the additional auth requirements.

you may want to set up another email account at that you can use as your alternate, its free.