Using various Office 365 tools to work remotely - webinar

We're going to conduct the following webinar tomorrow (Tue, Mar 24, 2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CDT) that will speak to the various Office 365 tools (Teams, OneDrive, etc.) that can be used to aid in working productively from home.
Greasing the Gears - Taking the Friction Out of a Suddenly Remote Workforce
Millions today are suddenly and unexpectedly needing to work from an unprepared location, with improvised tools and processes, and under the guidance of managers that are generally uncomfortable with the whole arrangement. Doesn't sound exactly like a recipe for success, does it? However, it is possible that organizations, managers, and individuals can all make some adjustments in philosophy, expectations, habits, and technology to make it a positive experience. We'll talk about the top principles and steps you should be considering and doing to make your remote-worker experiment as productive and positive as possible - no matter which of the three levels you find yourself in.
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@Asif RehmaniDo you have another upcoming webinar over this topic or do you have a recorded version I can view?

Hi @SebastianJB , the recording of this webinar and others are all on this page: