Using on-prem storage and trying to integrate with public O365 online

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We want to add our on-prem storage product to Microsoft Teams (or O365 connected services) like Google Drive or Dropbox. I have read that we may need to create a relay, of sorts, to route WOPI traffic between our on-prem storage and MS 365 (O365) online integration. What are the requirements from MS point of view? Is this something that can be done with Azure or would we need to stand something up on our own? Is it as simple as routing secure requests through a tunnel or is it more complicated?

Looking for any guidance on the subject. we are already members of the CSPP and have not had any luck gleaning information about how to integrate with the public Office online.


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Hi @stavery,


normally I would say "use OneDrive for Business and migrate your data" as this is the Microsoft approach. :) But I understand you want to keep your on-premises storage.


Is this some sort of DAS/NAS/SAN or is it a Windows file server? In the latter case there might be a solution in the future - someone already requested adding Azure file shares to Teams:(


You could then synchronize your on-prem storage to Azure via Azure File Sync and access files from within Teams. But the better solution will still be to use OneDrive as it is natively integrated.