Using Office 365 Sensitivity Labels with Teams, Groups, and Sites



Office 365 Sensitivity Labels can now be applied to "containers" - Teams, Office 365 Groups, and SharePoint sites. Sensitivity labels replace the old text-only classifications that have been available since 2016. The labels don't affect the contents of the containers, but they can control some container settings, like whether a team allows guest access or if it's open to any tenant user to join. It's yet another development in the label and protection story for Office 365.

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@Tony Redmond 

Hello Tony,


Thank you for your blog. I am testing the options for site and group settings. The setting for privacy are working fine. Also the settings for External user access are working fine for me.


But the settings for Unmanaged evices isn't working out of the box. Do I have something else to get this working or is this option the only thing I have to do to secure a group/team for unamaged devices?


Maurits Knoppert 

@Maurits Knoppert  I'm afraid I can't diagnose issues from a distance. I recommend you file a support incident with Microsoft and have their folks have a look.

@Tony Redmond I understand you can't diagnose from a distance. But the functionality should work.


@Maurits Knoppert  You could say the same thing about all software. As I don't work for Microsoft, I can't do anything else for you than advise to contact their support people when something that should work doesn't.