Using header information as variables in rules / prefix settings

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Good day. We're using a shared mailbox to track emails sent to ex-employees by moving their email aliases to the mailbox. I'd like to create a mail flow rule to grab the original address the email was sent to ( and place it into the subject or data sections as a prefix. Since they all land in the same mailbox, it's hard to sort and/or see who the original recipient would have been. We do this for things like potential spoofing emails, but I can't find a reference to using a message header field anywhere as a variable. Anyone do something like this before?




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No way to do this with transport rules, you will have to use a custom transport agent (which is not supported in ExO). Perhaps instead of plain forwarding you can set up inbox rules that forward/redirect the messages and prefix them with some string at the same time.

Thanks Vasil. That's a good idea. I was trying to get rid of the older accounts more quickly, which was the reason for using the shared mailbox but I might have to just go back to the old method. Thanks again!
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@exigenttechguru, you can try to use free ShowAlias utility - it looks like it might help.