Using Flow to send out automatic emails on a weekly basis

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I am looking into creating an internal email course and looking for possibilities to do this in Office 365. 


I would like to create an email course where people can sign up to get a weekly email over 4 weeks, where the email is sent out on a weekly basis based on when they signed up. I want it to be automatic when the mails are sent out and based on when they signed up, so that I don't have to manually keep track. I was thinking this could be done using Flow, but I cant find any templates or examples to follow to set up a time interval to where several emails are sent out.


Is this possible and how can I go about it? Is Flow the best way or are there other options? Thanks!

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Flow would work for this, yes.

You could perhaps use a SharePoint list, to which you add a new subscriber, then have a Flow that triggers when an item is added to that list.

The actions in the flow would then be something like:
- send an email (email 1)
- delay for 7 days
- send an email (email 2)
- delay for 7 days
- send an email (email 3)
- delay for 7 days
- send an email (email 4)

@Rob EllisThank you for this solution! I ended up creating a sign up form in MS Forms and then using Flow to set up the schedule as you suggested. Been trying it out and it seems to work perfectly as far as I can tell.