Using Excel data in other Excel files.

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First thing to say is... i'm a new user of sharepoint and office 365. Second thing to say is that i'm using sharepoint in my company and i have another employees sharing the same files.
There is three files and them provide to the comercial area financial parameters to compose comercial proposal. But its they consult manualy the data from these three excel files in sharepoint.
It's not productive always being consulting all the spreadsheets everytime they need to make a proposal.

So, i've start to seek some way to make the columns i need, from these three different excel files come automatically to the main excel, but in sharepoint i cant find the data options that i had in the non cloud version.



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Hello @vricordi 


Have you tired using the 'Open in Desktop App' option ?





Hey @SouravChoudhary, tks for the message!


Well, i have tried this. To be more expecific i did and connect with sharepoint list but something went wrong and microsoft show me an error in the conection.