Using 1 Office Account to reply different Emails received from different email account.

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Dear all,


My company has multiple domains and therefore I have also 2 Emails such as and Emails sent to these 2 accounts were  forwarded to my microsoft account


Now I have added both Domain and to Domains and verified them in my host and set ConsoloA as my prime Account(I d).  Now I can login outlook using prime account


My question is , Now can I reply emails sent to using as email address?


Thanks in advance.


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In Exchange, you can only reply via the Primary SMTP address. To use any other alias, you need to resort to workarounds or using third-party tools/add-ins. There are dozens of articles written on the subject, look them up for detailed instructions.

@Pei_DE, google for "ChooseFrom for Exchange Online/Office 365"