Users suddenly cannot search shared mailbox in OWA

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Hey folks,

Once again something that was working just fine all of a sudden stops working across all our users.
We have a number of shared mailboxes which people have 'Author and above' access too. They add these into their OWA folder tree by right-clicking on Folders and choosing 'add shared folder'. Up until last week users could navigate to that folder and perform a simple search from the OWA search bar in that folder. Since Friday 01, maybe before, now users are presented with the 'oops can't do that' screen. Now the only people that can search mailboxes are those that are fully designated owners, rather than just having access to. After nearly a week of this MS support still no closer to as solution. What once worked, now does not work, with zero changes from our end. Note that this is an OWA/Exchange Online environment only. Desktop apps aren't used.
Thanks all.

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