User unable to Send, Reply or Forward emails since May 1st. SR#30126-8009135

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User unable to Send, Reply or Forward emails in OWA since May 1st. THIS ADMIN IS BEGGING FOR A RESOLUTION FOR THIS END USER. 


After 10 days of not being able to Send, Reply or Forward emails (in all browsers and all pc's) and my BEGGING them to please-please-please escalate this to a Supervisor, they escalated the ticket and the back-end Team ran some scripts and it worked for one day.


The next day I sent a follow-up email since the ticket had not been closed yet, have sent repeated emails and made several phone calls and this issue is still not resolved. It is now May 14th, this ticket was opened on May 1st and this end user still cannot Send, Reply or Forward emails.

Since they no longer provide Phone numbers to return calls on either the Emails or when leaving voicemails, I keep calling the 1-800-865-9408 Admin Support number and all that I can seem to accomplish is the person that is taking the call asking me for the 5th time my name, number and the reported issue (which should already be in the ticket after 4 hours, many calls both directions and many emails of troubleshooting this with Microsoft) and assuring me that I would receive a return call within one Business hour, which I never do.


They know that we are based in the Midwest on EST. So, please stop calling me at 7:00pm or later at night and hiding behind the emails saying you cannot contact me.


Can someone PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE get this very frustrated O365 Admin a resolution to this issue. We should not have to beg, but I will if we can get to a resolution.

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Hi Christine


Does the user receives any error message when trying to send, reply or forward? 


No error message, it just spins and never resolves.

Our end user is strictly an OWA user and does not use the Outlook Client.

We can duplicate this in all three Browsers.

We can duplicate this from any machine that she logs into.

The backend Team ran some scripts on their end and it worked for one day, so it is definitely an issue specific to her Mail file and on the back end.