User rights in Sharepoint shared calendar

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Our school has a Sharepoint site with 50 teachers in it. All of them are sharing documents and files with each other. Also, there is a calender wich is managed by one person. But the problem is, that everyone can put things in the calendar. Is there a way to configure the calendar, so only ONE person can make changes to the calendar? Now every teacher can change/add/erase appointments, and that's not wat we want.




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Is this a SharePoint calendar? If so you should be able to edit permission for this.

A calendar is a list in sharepoint! You can set permissions on it by a imply going to the calendar, look in the ribbon and select 'Calendar' then 'List Settings' then 'Permissions for this list'. from there you can define the permissions

This also depends if your teachers are set as site collection admins or just normal permissions on the site.

Hi, @Pieter_Kesselaers 


To be managed by a single user, you must change the permissions of the list!

You can read this article