User Profile - 'About Me' link doesn't respond

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The 'About Me' link to access & edit the user profile page below a person's picture stopped working since Yesterday. The users are no longer able to update their profile.

Any idea what's going on?

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That link should take you to the new, Delve-based exprience now. It seems to work fine for me. Did you try via a different browser, or a private session? Also, did you try from a different workload (for example we've seen cases where some link doesnt work in OWA but works in ODFB, etc).

Working here.  Glad I checked.  Didn't really pay attention to all the information in Delve about people.  I have staff that moved, I changed their Job Title, but didn't think to change who they report to.  It's painfully obvious in Delve where it puts a mini organizational chart for each person.  Interesting feature, but it's making me look bad.

Vasil is absolutely correct!

Tx for your response Vasil.

We haven't activated Delve for our tenant. Could that be the issue?

I've tried it from different workload & browsers => same issue

@Helen Stanley

Probably, though if I remmember correctly in such situations you should fall back to the old experience. @Mark Kashman might be able to shed some light here.