User Photos Not Showing On Mobile Device Contacts

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I am trying to get the photos set for our Office 365 users (mail accounts) to appear in the contacts on mobile devices (both iPhone and Android).  It will not appear in either.  I have tried the following and under no condition does the photo ever appear on a mobile device.

  • Added the photo using office 365 admin center
  • Photos of 10K
  • Photos of less 150x150, 250x250 and other resolution combinations
  • Adding a photo using via the user's Outlook 365 mailbox
  • Adding a photo using the user's account via PowerShell

It seems unrealistic to expect all our employees to have to manually add a photo on each of their mobile devices for each coworker's contact.  Why doesn't the photo get transferred from Office 365 via the Exchange account set up on the device with the rest of the contact information???

Is there a way to get the photo to transfer to the mobile device?  If so, how???

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Photos and Exchange contacts do not sync with mobile devices. Only personal Exchange contacts which have their own photo property that you set in Contacts / People in Outlook.

Best way to see photos when using contacts is using Outlook mobile app. Here you will see the contact photos etc. as you use the app, since it uses the photos in Exchange. But the Office 365 photo stores do not transfer to your mobile devices contacts