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What is the 'best way' to get all the users photo "uploaded" to O365? 


Users mails are not moved/present in EXO 


  1. Looked/tried CodeTwo - but getting permission error:  " you do not have permission to change this user photo" (and I'm logged in as global admin)  
  2. A picture list in SharePoint Root Site and a PowerShell script that sets the photos - so "update" is just replacing the photo? 
  3. any Other ways? 
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Hi Taen,

I would personally do it the second way in terms of using a script such as this

No reason to get a third party tool once you have written the script! Granted I deal mainly with SMB so it may take some time if the organisation is large - so that is probably a reason to go with option 1 if you manage to resolve it with the vendor.

Hope that helps make a decision!

Best, Chris
Hyperfish has a free photo tool, but it lets end users do their own not exactly from an admin perspective. Depends on company users and policies, but this could be an option. Their paid tool is nice for keeping profiles up to date as well and will ping people missing photos / required information and ask for updates periodically.
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Hi @Taen keren,


CodeTwo's rep over here.


Please review this installation guide: to make sure that you accepted the permissions requested by the application and that the program was allowed to be registered in Azure Active Directory of your tenant. 


Be also advised that only photos of users with an active Office 365 subscription plan (with Exchange Online) are synchronized.



Adam (CodeTwo)

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Hi All


Hope everyone is well. I have the exact opposite request. We wish to remove all profile pictures in all Office 365 services. We wish to default to initials (example NS) and prevent staff from changing their profile pictures until we get professional ones taken. Any advice?

@Navishkar Sadheo Hi, if you´re connected to both Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online (with admin permissions) you should be able to pipe the command Get-MsolUser -All | Remove-UserPhoto -Identity $_.UserPrincipalName -ClearMailboxPhotoRecord -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue.

To remove user photos, you can also use CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365. Just select the photos in the program, right-click on your selection and choose Remove photos from the shortcut menu. You can also use the Remove button in the toolbar.


Here is a video on how to manage user photos with this freeware:


When it comes to blocking users’ ability to change photos, you can use:

Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -SetPhotoEnabled $false

Users won’t be able to change their profile picture from OWA. It will probably be enough for most users. They might be still able to do that from other channels, but I'm not aware of any toggle in Office 365 to change it globally.



To easily upload, edit and manage users' photos in Office 365, use this free tool - CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365 (

@Adam Aardvark 


Hi Adam. Thanks so much for the reply. Will try that. How will "CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365" work in a hybrid environment thou??

codetwo is online only. I used to use a tool called directoryupdate from ithicos, it will let users update their profile and photo and if you do directorymanager you can update it for everyone else, not a bad tool set and reasonably priced for hybrid use.

I prefer Hyperfish but it only supprots user updates, no way to give an admin from such as HR to maintain the profile / photos like you can with directorymanager.

Hi @Navishkar Sadheo,


CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365 supports most hybrid configurations. Please see this user's manual for details: