User on cloud can't see rooms on-prem

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Hi All,


i' ve done the hybridation with my exchange 2016 CU12.

migrating users works fine but migrated user can't see rooms on OWA.

i've tried the following commands but still nothing:

New-DistributionGroup –Name <NameOfRoomList> –roomlist 
Add-DistributionGroupMember <NameOfRoomList> –member <OnPremisesRoomMailbox> 

thks for your help



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Are your rooms listed under resources / rooms in Admin center? If not you need to make sure you are syncing those objects over first off. Then we can go from there.

@Chris Webb 

no there are listed in users.

how can change it ?


thks for you answer

They will be listed under users as well. So under Resources > Rooms and Equipment there is nothing there?
Just a follow up, on that article, you have a room list on prem correct? don't run this in 365, it needs to be an object on prem, and then that needs to be in an OU that sync's up.
no nothing there
the room is on prem it was sync in 365 but as a user not as ressource
I'm talking about the room list created using the above powershell commands.