User not showing up in Office365 admin console

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Hi all, I am having an unusual issue where a user has an active Office 365 account and I can see it under Active users.


I am trying to provide him full access to another user's mailbox. But when I try to assign the permission, I can't find the account. Also, I can't find the account when I try to add him is a distribution group.


Please help.

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does the user have a License added to his account?

According to the screenshot, the user seems to be licensed for E3, but have you perhaps switched off the Excchange Online license? Or, since this is a synced user, what kind of recipient is this On-Prem, is it a mailbox, mail user, regular user? In general, you should check the recipient type via the Get-Recipient cmdlet, both On-Prem and in O365.

I just had the same issue. It turned out that the user had been set up with a shared mailbox as opposed to a regular/user mailbox. Converting the mailbox from a shared one cleared the issue.

Thank you!