User management solutions

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Are there any solutions that exist to manage users, job titles and optionally somthing resembling organizational units in Office 365? E.g. as a self service or management-available solution?


Looking to standardize on which job titles are available for users in specific locations, units and with specific managers. As it is today, the user information is all over the place.


Third party solutions / integrations?

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You as the admin can easily manage this via PowerShell or the Graph API. Users can also change some of their own details via OWA for example. If you want to grant someone the rights to manage just some of those attributes, you have to go with 3rd party tools, nothing in O365 will allow you to do so. Best you can do is Administrative units, but they are very, very limited and grant way more access than what you are looking for.

@Vasil Michev

I want to be able to control key user info like location, department, title and so on so  that this information is standardized across all units, ie the users/managers get a limited number of options when requesting a new user in a specific location. Is this possible?

Not with any of the built-in tools. You either have to do it manually (as in requests come to you) or create some scripts or custom UI with just the desired options.