User cannot view quarantined message in (shared mailbox)

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Good day everyone,


I am researching this issue for a while now and it seems that if a user was given a Full Access permission to a shared mailbox, the user with Full Access should be able to view the quarantined emails and release them.


I have this scenario that the user has already full access permission but when clicking the "view" button from the quarantine notification, the user is redirected to and received an error message:

"The operation couldn't be performed because the user does not have the authorization"


May I kindly confirm if the user should be able to view and release it? It is a shared mailbox without a password setup.


I have also this same scenario (using shared mailbox also with full access permission) and the user can review and release the emails from


Should I try to re-assign the Full Access permission to the user?


Thank you very much.

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Did you find a solution for this? Currently I am having the exact same issue.