Use the EAC to set storage quotas for a mailbox


This article below clearly shows it can be done via EAC - but the More Options don't appear under Mailbox Usage - it just shows current usage.

So how other than powershell can it be set, and why can it not be set via EAC???

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That article is for Exchange server on-premises, while in general that version is very close to the one used in Exchange Online, there are some differences. Being able to change quotas from the EAC is one of those. Use PowerShell instead.

Okay thanks


It does seem odd to me though that you can't do it from the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) or the Office 365 Admin Portal


I don't mind using powershell, but since everything else can be configured via the nice web interfaces it just seems odd you can also set quotas - especially as you can go in and see current sizes etc

I believe the general idea of the folks working on Exchange Online was "give them huge quotas and let them forget about this" :)

Yes I suppose I can see that, but from my companies point of view as just moved from on-premise Exchange 2010 with small mailboxes to Office 365 we would rather allocate space depending on job/hierarchy rather than letting them have 50gb each - which they would all just fill anyway

@Darren Rose 

You have to raise the tier of your licensing from E1 to E3 or E5 to get the mailbox from 50GB to 100GB.  Yes you can change it anytime you want on prem, but in the cloud Microsoft in their infinite wisdom wants you to pay for it.  Check the link below.



Appreciate you responding to a post from over 2 years ago, but the question had nothing to do with increasing mailbox size from 50Gb to 100Gb - the question was about setting storage quotas to limit what the user can have e.g. restricting 50Gb mailbox to 10Gb for example


Anyway in the 26 months since message posted this has been solved anyway.....