Use single licensing pool across multiple tenants?


Is it possible to assign licenses of any kind (Office 365 or Azure P1/P2) purchased for your tenant to a second tenant?


We have a scenario where we want to set up a tenant for testing changes before we apply them to our main tenant.  Some of the things we may want to test may require the test users to have P1 or P2 licensing and maybe Office 365 licensing and mailboxes etc..

Instead of paying for separate licensing for users that are not real, can we borrow any extra available licensing from the main tenant to do the testing and then put them back by unassigning them when the tests are validated?


Is there another way to get long term licensing for a small number of test user accounts (not a 30 day trial) for this type of testing in a sandbox environment?

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No, licenses are linked to specific tenant. Trials or partner tenants might be an option.