Use Exchange Online for multiple mailboxes

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Good day,


The situation:

A client just purchased 1 license of O365 Business Premium. He own a domain and would like to add it to O365. he also own multiple mailboxes for different users. Yet, most of the user will not need the full extent of O365, only Outlook.


The Questions:

1. Can he use Exchange Online to host all of his mailboxes and IMAP them from a desktop version of Outlook? (Providing he own separate Outlook licenses)

2.  If he add his domain to O365, will the other mailboxes still be available through the domain provider?


Thanks in advance for your tips

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Hi Luc,


Yes you can mix the Office 365 plans as you need.


If it is at least Exchange Online Plan 1 you can have IMAP or Outlook (Preferred) and full experience.


You can add the domains that you own and give the address to the users.

Thanks a lot for the info @Nuno Silva!

No problem Luc,


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