Upgrade to Win 10 /Office 365 and can no longer share folders or calendars

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We upgrade to Windows 10 Pro/Office 365 for Business with two Exchange mailboxes this month from Office 2017 and Windows 7.


We have two computers in the office, one in the office and one in reception.  The Office computer has Quickbooks installed.  The reception computer opens the Quickbooks data file on the office computer using a shared drive.


After three hours of trying we cannot make this work.


Network discovery is enabled.  File and Printer sharing is enabled.


On the office computer we select the folder with the quickbooks database, right click, and choose share.  It asks us who we want to share it with.  The only usernames we can share it with is the office computer.  We choose to share with everyone.  It generates an email with share //ComputerName/Folder_Name.  We send it to reception.  Reception opens it.  Says computer does not exist.


On the reception computer we try to access the share by typing in the path directly.  We are asked to login,  The credentials presented are for the reception computer.  We log in.  It says our credentials are wrong.  These are the credentials we use to login with.  So we try and log in as the other computer.  It says our credentials are wrong.


Joined the computers to the same workgroup.  Changes nothing.


Tried to setup a homegroup.  Says I can't do that, because we are on a domain.  


OK so we've been forced into a domain.  Is there some group policy that disables file sharing?


We can't use One Drive, or SharePoint, because our internet is not very good (it is up and down constantly as we are rural).  


This was SO EASY with Windows 7.  I'm sure it's easy with the latest/greatest tools too, but googling for answers all tell us we are doing this the right way.


The other thing we can't do anymore is share a calendar between two users.  In Outlook we try to share a calendar and are told that sharing is prohibited.  What's the point of having exchange if we can't have shared public calendars?  Yes, we went into the o365 admin and created a public folder just as the documentation explains.


This just can't be this difficult.  I've been mapping network drives since the days of Novell it's not that complex.  Must be some setting in o365 admin but I can't find it.


Any ideas?

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Two days and nobody can answer this simple question?

We have learned on our own that it works with a LOCAL user but not if we login via our o365 usernames. So there's no doubt this is some setting in o365 to enable this.