Updating Office 365

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Good afternoon,


Looking at my version of Office I am on version 1908.


When clicking to update I am told I am up to date and the latest version is installed.


However this is complete contrary to what is listed on where it shows there have been 5 updates since 1908.


Does anyone know why it is telling me it is all up to date?


Thanks in advance!

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@GavinR87This is because your office is set to get Semi-Annual channel updates that you can switch to the monthly channel you will always get an update to a version like in my case I am on Monthly Channel and I have version 2003 build see attached.


follow the below docs to change your setting and let us know how that works if you follow all the steps you should be able to perform this...


Hi @PDostiyar 


Thanks very much for the explanation.

So as an end user with a work account, I assume this is set up by my IT admin, and therefore it is what they have set, and I can't do anything about it?


Thank you

@GavinR87Ohh Ok that makes it clear then but if that is turn on from your tenant and you can still run it as far as you got admin right on your machine, if not your IT should have their own consideration for it.


Happy was able to give you some insights.