Updating O365 Password in Android and iOS devices

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Office 365 apps on Android and iOS no longer allow you to update your password. The only options presented are Reset Account and Delete Account. My understanding is that, after a password change in Active Directory, you must WAIT for your mobile device to initiate a re-authentication to update your password. This prompt can happen anytime, but is not immediate. Can someone confirm this or provide any other guidance?  This has been problematic for our end-user community. 


I believe the alternative to waiting is to delete the account from the phone and add it back, but that seems like an odd way to accomplish this and I would have a hard time getting my users to do this on their own. 


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

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@Cary Siemers Apparently @susan700 decided to delete their post?  Very unhelpful. 

I deleted the post which was a spam link. Sorry for any confusion.

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Hi @Darksabre ,


Did you end up finding a solution?

@Hammadabhatti  There doesn't appear to be a way to reset the password from either device. You either 1st, wait for the O365 to ask you to re-authenticate OR 2nd, remove the account and add it back. I've noticed that sometimes email stops syncing to the device and the only option to get it running again is to do the 2nd option.  It's really quite silly on Microsoft's side of things.

Thanks for the update @Darksabre