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I'm beyond frustrated...every time there is an update, I lose all my customized settings.  I have customized my quick access tool bar, even my theme changes.  I frequently lose folders and documents I have pinned.  These settings save me time and increase my efficiency.  Me spending an hour recreating my settings is stealing time from my employer, and I'm not happy about it.  Not what I wanted to see when I log in first thing on a Monday morning.

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I hear ya I spend a lot of time getting things back in Order .....

@LylaA @JAS60 I'm afraid this has never been prioritized by Microsoft and the way you can accomplish this is too complicated, not that it's deep dive technical but too many steps. Meaning not an applicable solution to present for end-users (you can google this). There is been a couple of requests at UserVoice for Outlook for quite a while, but as you'll notice it's just not gonna happen (at least not from these suggestions).