Update calendar invite without sending 'meeting has been updated message' to attendees

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Hi everyone,


I am not normally an Office 365 Administrator but find myself wearing that hat at a startup.


Someone at my company asked if it was possible to update a calendar invite without spamming all the attendees that the meeting invitation has been updated.  She often has to schedule meetings on behalf of our CEO and would like to avoid spamming everyone if she does not get the exact details the right the first time. 


Is this possible

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@ssoutrs Hi, if using Outlook on the web the updates won't be sent to all attendees as it has a built-in behavior when it comes to these notifications 

Send updates options for attendees not shown - Exchange | Microsoft Docs


If using the Outlook client she should save the updated info (File - Save) and not use "Send update" button. If adding/deleting someone in the invite make sure to select the proper option at the prompt.




Thanks! I will pass that information along to her.

When I send updated from my managers calendar - I do not get the question? Is this a specific setting?
(Just recently disapeared, I have had it before)