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What's the best way to set up a calendar for multiple cohorts and multiple subjects at a university?


Should we create calendars and then share them as a weblink or create groups and add students to groups (so there is no need for sharing calendars)?


If it's groups then should it be a separate group for each subject or a group for each cohort of students?


I'm sure someone else has tackled this. Please help with best practice.






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@powder70I am not in the school field but have done the same for different teams where we have units and sub-units in each of these teams.


so the suggestion will be creating an Office 365 group for each Cohort as you might already know it does create its own Teams, Sharepoint, and Planner but we are talking about Calendar here, so in each Cohort Sharepoint you will add a separate calender app for each subject and you can create as many calendars as you want in one team... so this why the same Cohart will have access to all the subjects in that cohart and as each Subject is a separate calender.


Besides there is another alternative as well which you could create different Views for each Cohart and each view will be for a different subjects, you can also use the Overlay in the same Calender.


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