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I have received an e-mail from "UndeliveredMail365" that states:-


"You have 29 new Quarantined messages as of [date] which are listed below along with the actions that can be taken:


Release to Inbox: Send the message to your Inbox


Report as Not Junk: Send a copy of the message to Microsoft for analysis"


I do not know whether this a genuine e-mail or phishing. The full address from which the e-mail has been sent is pendingofficemails@quaratine.server.com [I am suspicious of the misspelling of quarantine]. 


Can you advise whether or not this is a genuine e-mail from Microsoft before I click on the "release to inbox" hyperlink.


Thank you


Alastair Lyons 

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Hello Alastair,


Please find the below article that has a similar issue:





Ananya Tripathi


Also, this is not a legitimate email address: pendingofficemails@quaratine.server.com


The email is not legitimate, so you can safely conclude that this email should be ignored. 

First navigate to your EAC > Protection > Quarantine and verify if the emails are present. 

If you see some emails in Quarantine  you can check why they went to Quarantine by performing the following steps" 

1) I recommend getting the header of the email that you received and analyze it: https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/   > header analysis. 

2) Check Anti-spam message headers: 


This will tell you why emails are marked as spam and are present in the Hosted Quarantine. 
Hope this helps.


Clint Oliveira

Clint - thank you very much for this : can you just clarify under which web address I will find EAC>Protection>Quarantine. Alastair

In the Office 365 Exchange Admin Center.

Once you are there then > Protection (left pane) > Quarantine (Top Tabs next to "Outbound Spam") 



How do i get into the Office365 Exchange Admin Centre? When i access my Office 365 account it says that i have a work or school account and I need to contact my administrator. This is a private account that came with my Mac Outlook and I have no "administrator"!! Many thanks Alastair

Hi Alastair,


The resolution I provided was if you have a Office 365 plan. 



You would not have an admin center if you have a personal/private plan that came with your Mac. 



Does that mean that there is no equivalent Protection/Quarantine functionality that I can access to apply to e-mails that I receive through Office365? If there is, how do i go about it? 


Many thanks for your time on this




Private outlook.com accounts has usual anti spam and anti malware protection, same as gmail, etc. If automated system finds malware it deletes the message and user don't see it. If it thinks it is a spam, it goes to junk folder. There is no other means for regular users to manage this. 


So, this was just a phishing email. You can either ignore and delete it or mark it as a junk, so the system will learn to filter out such messages in thr future. No system is fail proof, so occasionally such messages come through. Especially if they come from hacked mailboxes on Gmail, Microsoft servers. 

Thanks for answering that one Oleg