Unable to stop Outlook mail from forwarding to my Gmail account

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Hi, hope someone can help please. 


Previously enabled forwarding in my outlook to my Gmail. However, after I stopped the forwarding, the forwarded email did not stop. Check with my wonderful IT folks and they confirm that all server rules for forwarding are absent. I am stumped, as are the IT folks. I'm an end user, not an IT specialist.  


Checked for solutions but so far no joy.  found these and they don't work





Have tried the suggestions:

- disable forwarding in outlook.com (I use outlook.com for email)

- disabled all forwarding rules; in Outlook and in Gmail

- checked that Gmail isn't pulling email from the Outlook account

- yes, I clicked the 'gear' icon in Outlook (we are using Office365), went to mail, and clicked 'Forwarding' under Accounts and the button to Stop Forwarding' is black.


When I try to insert a new forwarding email address, the Outlook mail forwards to the new address and no longer the old Gmail address.

However when I click 'Stop Forwarding' in Outlook, it reverts to forwarding to the old Gmail address even though there is no longer any email address in the forwarding setting.


Screen shots of Outlook forwarding disabled and Gmail not pulling email is attached.

Also, cleared cache, tried fresh installed browser on a spare machine. no joy.


- rules and alerts- checked

-Gmail pull email- checked

- Outlook forwarding- checked


Any suggestion is most welcomed.







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Hi! Did you also check you azure ad within O365? Your exchange admin center?

Just to clarify, are you using a "personal" @outlook.com account, as you can actually login to an Office 365 mailbox using outlook.com as well. It makes a difference, because there are some "server-side" methods that can be used for forwarding, which you as an end user you will not have access to. So if this is indeed an O365 account, ask your admins to check for transport rules and all the forwarding properties of your mailbox.


If it's a "personal" account, the other thing that comes to mind is to check for "hidden" rules: https://o365info.com/delete-corrupted-hidden-exchange-inbox-rules-using-mfcmapi/