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I am new to Office 365 and to Information Protection. I am trying to create labels and give access to particular users and groups. Unfortunately, the option is greyed out and unable to select. Help me to identify the cause and steps to fix it. 


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@sathya_balaji - What is the error message when you are trying to save the changes. Check whether your account has sufficient privileges or roles assigned. Also validate if your Azure Tenant is already configured with Unified Label, if not you need to proceed with Conditional Access and assign Sensitivity Label via AzureAD.
Pretty sure it hasn’t been enabled and the link above details the process.
@ChristianJBergstrom... Yes agreed, even in some organisations they do not enable the Unified Label option under AzureAD entirely even though MS suggests to do so. But rather go with Conditional Access. So not sure if Sathya can take the call, but Conditional Access for Sensitivity Label should be the approach then. Your link and the below link further elaborates the requirements: