Unable to see External email address under all contacts in either webmail or outlook

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I am unable to see the external email addresses which I have used while emailing listed under ALL CONTACTS or anywhere in my Office365 webmail or Outlook. Can someone guide me here on what might be the problem?

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The "All Contact" with the address book is being filled within the exchange server under contact and are then available for all user within your organization.

If you are adding it through Outlook the contact should be added under "Contacts"

This is by design 



@Guido van Dijk Hello, Thank you for taking the time to reply. 

So technically, won't all the users I have emailed be available under "All users " section when I use outlook.office.com

With the second email I am using, I can see all users(external/internal) listed under ALL USERS section on my webmail so I am just wondering why this particular email is different?!


The "All Users" is the list of all users within your tenant "Exchange" using mail a
This can be that within your organization there are external users added with an email address and therefore visible. 
To be Shure contact your Exchange engineer maybe he can explain the choices of your organization.



Thank you @Guido van Dijk !

I think the external contacts were added within our organization itself. That is the reason I am able to see the contacts. 


Thank you for taking the time to reply and clarify my doubts. Much appreciated!