Unable to remove other mailboxes in Outlook

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My user A used to have full access to user B and C's mailboxes. She requested to remove them in her Outlook. I removed her full access from B and C's mailbox on admin portal, but it's being two days, she still have them in her Outlook.


I have tried to rename Outlook folder and disable cached mode, but they are still there. I also checked "Open additional mailbox" box, but nothing is there. I remember it will be gone after removing the full access.


How to fix this problem? Need help!


Thanks in advance!





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This looks like an issue with failed replication. You can try re-adding and removing the permissions again, hopefully this time it will trigger correctly. Or use the –ClearAutoMapping switch when removing the permissions. Or use the -ResetDefault switch which "nullifies" any permission changes made. I've written more about those switches here: https://www.michev.info/Blog/Post/1382/removing-automapping-and-resetting-default-mailbox-permission...