Unable to open Office (Excel, Word) files from OneDrive

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I added a SSD in my laptop, and installed Windows, Office 365 and other software onto it. The old HDD is still in my laptop with all the data on it.


To start using my Work OneDrive account, I linked the old OneDrive folder which is located on my HDD to my Work account, and it started syncing.


Now strangely, I am able to open all the Excel and Word files from wherever they are on my computer - both from the SSD and the HDD. But none of the files located in this OneDrive folder are opening. There are no error messages; Excel doesn't start itself when I try to open a file from this folder. Also, if I try to use the Open option from inside Excel, Excel becomes unresponsive and then restarts.


Kindly advise on the problem and its resolution.




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The problem was resolved by resetting the Onedrive, a few times.