Unable to modify "Hide from address lists" in office 365

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I have a user for which we are unable to modify the "Hide from address Lists" property in Office 365. This checkbox is currently checked and we can't uncheck it.

We don't have Hybrid setup. Everything is in Office 365.

It gives the error the operation is out off scope as the attribute is being synced from on prem AD.

On the on prem AD I have made sure that this attribute is set to "not set".


Azure AD connect has been setup to have this attribute included in the "User Common" sync rule and this attribute is included in the AAD connector.


But still the "Hide from address Lists" is checked and I can't change it.

I thing I noticed that someone has changed this to a shared mailbox.

Could that be causing issue?

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Try to "tickle" the attribute on-premises, or trigger a Full sync. Also, make sure the object has the "mailnickname" attribute configured, as otherwise the corresponding rule will not actually fire.