unable to login after email address change

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Hi Experts

Our company email address policy is firstname.lastname. i have an user whose email address was Glenn.Maxwell@contoso.com
i.e FirstName: Glenn LastName:Maxwell, Alias: Glenn.Maxwell and email address glenn.maxwell@contoso.com.


I am using exchange hybrid environment and this user is a office365 user, i create users in exchange onprem and then migrate to cloud.I got a requirement to change the email address to Glenn.Max@contoso.com.


So i have changed Last Name to Max and changed alias using the below syntax on onprem and performed AD Sync
Set-RemoteMailbox -Identity glenn.maxwell@contoso.com -Alias glenn.max
then i have renamed email address on exchange onprem to glenn.max@contoso.com and performed AD sync.


Now the user is not able to connect to outlook, even profile is newly configured but it still shows older email address.
When i look into Microsoft 365 Admin center-Active Users-
i can see two Aliases for this user and i am not able to edit i am getting the message

This user is synchronized with your local Active Directory. Some details can be edited only through your local Active Directory


Experts help me troubleshoot this as i dont see this old alias anywhere

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@maxwell2k19Have you renamed his UserPrincipalName?


Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -UserPrincipalName <old UPN> -NewUserPrincipalName <new UPN>