Unable to log into Skype for business

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Not sure if this is a SfB issue, a Teams issue or MFA as our network guy rolled out MFA and Teams on the same day that this issue presented its self but now all users are unable to log into Skype for Business.  The are all getting "you've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect email address or password or some one else is trying to sign in to this account"  We have tried clicking the "delete my sign-in info" and re-entering the details but same issue happens.

Can access the rest of office365 just fine, online and software.  all users have an E3 license with SfB(plan 2) hope some one can help as this is driving us mad.

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Most likely MFA related, have you tried using an app password to login to SfB? Generally speaking, it *should* be configured for modern auth, but SfB also leverages Exchange components, and might be using basic auth for that part.

Yes, good point Vasil, Make sure your admin's have Exchange and Skype enabled for modern auth. If those havne't been turned on MFA will most def. break logins.