Unable to get target release

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I wish to use the feature "reuse slides" in PowerPoint. It works just fine on my old computer ,but on y new one it's simply not there and it is not possible to add through Options->customize ribbon.


I contacted MS support and was advised to upgrade to target release. The odd thing is that I already have that option set AND I have the same release and build on my new computer as on my old. The only difference is that on my old it specifically says that I'm on 'target release'


I tried to make me a standard user and rejoin as target release - both through the O365 admin portal and by using PowerShell. Also tried multiple times to start upgrade and also to uninstall and reinstall office.


I asked MS support to escalate this but they gave up after asking me to reinstall and instead referred me to forums and/or paid support. I general I'm very happy with MS support but in this case I think it was really crap - after 4 or 5 lengthy remote sessions they came up with basically nothing and only very trivial measures.


Is there any way to force target release to be applied (or to force Office to be rolled back to older release)?

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Hi Erik,

There are a few options.

First, you should be able to use the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) to download the version you want and set whether the release is targeted.



Second, you always have the office insiders program that gives you the bleeding edge version of office


Either one may be able to solve the issue. Let me know how it goes. To note per official documentation it can take 24 hours to go into the targeted release after it’s been set just in case you set it recently.

Best, Chris