Unable to forward on-premises users email to office365 mailbox

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Hi All,

We received this notification on our O365 tenancy on Monday 4th December 2018. It was an advisory and was flagged as a restoring service. A few minutes later we started getting calls of our cloud users not being able to send and receive messages (not many) and we informed these small number of users that it is being looked at by MS Support. As the day went on it just got progressively worse so a call logged with MS Support. Today was the worst of it as we had working users (from yesterday) that now face even more issues and cannot connect to their outlook clients to send and receive email. In addition to this they were also not able to create profiles either. We run a hybrid configuration and the advisory was related to hybrid configuration clients.


I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue and also if you have any solutions and or resolution.

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It seems to be a localized issue, so best work with support.