Unable to download Office products for 365 Home

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I purchased Office 365 Home from the MS website, installed it on my laptop and connected my wife's ID to the account. When she logs into her Office 365 account from her laptop she does not have the option to install the 365 Home suite. What am I missing?

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When you say you connected her ID to the account, did you invite her from https://account.microsoft.com/services/office/sharing or use some other method?  If you did that, does her name show up on that page as "Microsoft Family" or "Other People"?

I did just that from the link you provided, she shows in my family. When I log into her account I show as being able to manage permissions and her showing as a family member. 


When I go into Services and Subscriptions under Office 365 I see 'Try Office 365 for free', 'Get more info' and 'Enter your product key'. The 'free' option wants me to try it for one month or buy Office and I don't have a product key since I purchased this from their website (I do have the email showing the purchase).

So I have a product suite that I paid for and can't use with other family members. I am stumped on how to get out of this.

Insights or questions most welcomed.
This should be possible to achieve
I’m not familiar with the home suite administration, but just contact Microsoft and they will help you out!