unable to determine the endpoint to users onedrive

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Hi there, Im a bit new to office 365, I am setting up sharepoint and trying to add folders on onepoint to be visible and shared on onedrive in a 4 user account. I can create the folders on sharepoint and when I try to click the link to add sortcut to onedrive I get this error


"unable to determine the endpoint to users onedrive"


I have another separeate account and this feature workd fine and I dint get this error. Both 365 accounts were pretty much default settings, I dont think I changed any persmissions on the one the works vs the other account that give this error



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Did Microsoft assist you with the error? I am having similar error too
Any update to this? I'm seeing a few users getting the same error message.

Hello just to let you know i had this issue too but not for all users.

I tried in chrome incognito and was able to add the shorcut to my onedrive. 


Hope that it is the same solution for you guys 




I started having this problem in the last couple of weeks.  Edge is my default browser, so OneDrive was opening in Edge automatically.  When I accessed OneDrive via Chrome, I could set up the short cut to the shared folders without any issues, so it seems that it is Edge, in my case, that was the problem.