Unable to create test tenants - text/voice verification says to contact support

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I have found I am unable to create test tenants any more via the E3 trial. When I try to sign up it tells me I have to contact support. The link provided doesn't take you anywhere useful.


Anyone know what has happened. Have I created too many and got blacklisted in some way?

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I’ve had this lately too! Strange thing is that I’ve tried with different information (mail , phonenumber etc ) different browsers , inprivate sessions, different locations and devices!

Sometimes it works, sometimes don’t! Experienced this first time last week!
Yep same here, private browsing, different details, use a VPN. Nothing seems to work.
Not experienced this myself, but it makes sense what you say that you could have been blacklisted in some way
Yeah, but it doesn’t make sense either! As I mentioned I’ve tried creating a trial from different IP’s mailaddresses, phonenumbers , company names etc! Have an coworker tried and got the same! And sometimes it works!!
Have you tried from an in private browser session as well. Existing cookies might be the reason. But Microsoft will restrict trials if you make too many and they have lots of analytics to help them reduce the burden to them of spinning up tenants that will never result in paid services
Yes, and different devices and locations! That analytics must be really smart then :)
I work in a large fairly slow organisation and need to test stuff. The trials get deleted after 2 or 3 months anyway so I personally think this is a bit restrictive. The reason I need new tenants is that when you create Record Labels in Security and Compliance you cannot delete them! So I need to periodically create a new tenant...