Unable to Add the Modern Site Pages on SharePoint Online team site.

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Error message:
Sorry, something went wrong
Can't load the application on this page. Use the browser Back button to retry. If the problem persists, contact the administrator of the site and give them the information in Technical Details.


I am trying to Add a New Modern Site Page and coming across the above error message. I have tried to creating a New site collection and have the same error message, tried to activate and deactivate the Site Pages and Wiki Home Page features, but still not results. First release is enabled for my account, preview features are also enabled on the tenant. 


Please suggest, how can I enable the Modern Site Pages. 


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Hello all,

I am having the exact same issue as abhishek kore

 Any news on this?
Change the Regional settings for your site collection. It should work post that. This seems to be Bug and PG is working on this issue. I got this answer from MS.

Hmm No go for me, changed the regional settings and still same issue. I have attached a screenshot of the error.

Thank you



Check for the Site Pages and Wiki Homepage feature under Manage Site Features, try to activate and deactivate both features and then check if it works.
If still does not work,kindly share the template of the site.

Hi there, bith features were active by default, I deactivated and reactivated both, still same issue. Parent is a Modern Team Site/Office 365 group -> create subsite-> add Page then error. Template is Team Site

So you have created a subsite under Office365 Group site and while adding the Page on your subsite you are getting error message ?

I am having the same problem across two tenants, steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the SharePoint site of an O365 Group
  2. Create a new subsite based on the Team Site template
  3. Add a modern page (and the error appears instantly)

Hi Dimitri, yes sir the exact same issue we are having

As an addition any subsite that had already been created and cvhanged to a modern page is now also not accessible. With this same error:





Even I was able to reproduce the issue like you guys.

When I had reported this issue, this was for the Team sites created under SharePoint admin center and this issue was escalated to MS escalations who suggested to change the regional settings for the affected Site Collection and issue was resolved.

Seems this is kind of Bug.

Agreed some kind of bug for sure. I also for the sake of testing had me removed from first release and that did not change anything still cannout access subsite home pages based on modern page


 @Alina Skarbovsky can we get someone from Microsoft to look into this for us please?

Thank you


Sounds like a bug to me. @Sohail Tariq is this known?

Same here :(




Update: 19/08

Seems to be resolved. I am not being able to reproduce the error anymore.

Everything seems normal again.

Seems issue is resolved, even I am not able to reproduce the issue.

We found and fixed the issue. Thanks for reporting !
@Alina Skarbovsky May I request you to share what was the cause of the issue ?

Thank you @Alina Skarbovsky you are the best! I can confirm it is working on our end as intended

Thank you much


I'm sorry, Abhishek, but I don't know the details of the investigation to be able to share. Anything specific you are still concerned about?