Unable to Add the Modern Site Pages on SharePoint Online team site.

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Error message:
Sorry, something went wrong
Can't load the application on this page. Use the browser Back button to retry. If the problem persists, contact the administrator of the site and give them the information in Technical Details.


I am trying to Add a New Modern Site Page and coming across the above error message. I have tried to creating a New site collection and have the same error message, tried to activate and deactivate the Site Pages and Wiki Home Page features, but still not results. First release is enabled for my account, preview features are also enabled on the tenant. 


Please suggest, how can I enable the Modern Site Pages. 


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Thanks for looping me in, Doug!

Hi Alina,

One of our user still facing this issue, can you please provide the resolution?




@Alina Skarbovsky wrote:
Thanks for looping me in, Doug!

@Alina Skarbovsky wrote:
Thanks for looping me in, Doug!


@Alina Skarbovsky- we had a case of this today. Please could you share the fix/work around. 




Activating the SharePoint site feature "Site Pages" should resolve this error